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Name:The Game of Espionage and Subterfuge
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You find yourself standing in a large, polished black office. The wall directly to your left appears to be a video screen. In front of that is a spotless black office desk. In front of the desk a plush black leather desk chair sits empty.

As soon as you approach the chair the screen switches on and the image of a young brunette woman appears. The image is grainy and she is surrounded by blue light. Erratically the screen will focus in on only her eyes, as though she is leaning into the camera to get a better look at you.

Welcome Agent.
Please have a seat. I am sure you are tired and disoriented after your sudden transfer from [Organization Name]. So please relax.

I am sure you are curious as to the reasons behind your arrival here. So allow me to explain:

There exists in this world a vast Underground Terrorist Organization, the likes of which have never been seen before. Their operatives are in and from every corner of the globe. And they are as well, if not better, trained than the operatives of the governments they are targeting.

In order to fight such a group, we have and are still gathering the finest agents from across the globe to create the World Intelligence Network that is the joint effort of all nations. For this reason you, as one of the top agents in your field have been transported to our headquarters on [Classified] island. This will be the launch point and home base for all future missions from this point forward. Congratulations on your acceptance into G.H.O.S.T.

Recently, our enemies managed to infiltrate our previous Headquarters. Though they failed to completely destroy the building, these forces were successful in their true objective; the theft of the technological blueprints which allow G.H.O.S.T. to recruit operatives from outside of the Home World. Because of this we can now assume they have possession of their own transdimensional digitizer. And may have operatives from other realms working for their cause as well.

Because of this I urge you to keep on your guard and be wary of anyone you happen across. Even your fellow Operatives. Discretion Agent, is the rule of the day.

Good Luck.

Shadow Games is an open-ended plot based game with stories and scenarios contributed by both Mods and Players. The game is based on Planet Earth in a semi-futuristic setting with a Secret Agent/Spy theme.

Reserves - 15th until the end of the Month
Applications - 1st until the 7th
Activity Check - 8th of the Month

Reserves are currently: CLOSED
Applications are currently: CLOSED

The World:

”The base of operations for all agents working for G.H.O.S.T. Is an unmarked Island. The employees call it Ghost Island for obvious reasons. But it’s unclear if that’s the actual name. The Island is equipped with the most advanced technology available. Including a cloaking shield that keeps it’s location hidden from G.H.O.S.T.’s enemies abroad.

The Island is like a city designed and built just for G.H.O.S.T.’s operatives. There are both apartments and houses. As well as eateries and other shops stocked and staffed by low level GHOST employees. There is both a shipping dock and an air terminal for mission deployment. As well as other amenities such as a training facility and of course the GHOST main Headquarters where the transdimensional digitizer is housed.

Ghost Island is only a base of operations. Agents live there, receive missions there, and may interact with each other there, but the missions send them to all corners of the world. They may even meet agents abroad that they did not have cause to interact with on Ghost island.

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